BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd. ブレインゲイト株式会社


Name of Company BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd.
(changed from BRAINS CSD Co., Ltd. in April 1998
by introduction of CI)
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Company Representatives (CEO) Mitsuo SAKAI
Head Office Nishi-Azabu Rokubankan 5-22, Nishi-Azabu 1-chome,
Minato-ku,TOKYO 〒106-0031map
Telephone 03-3405-7141
Fax 03-3405-7234
Established April 1,1988


CSD Co., Ltd., the parent company of BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd. was established in Minato-ku, Tokyo in May 1974. In 1978, CSD was commissioned by Mitsubishi Trading Company to undertake campaign work for the American company, R.J. Reynolds Co., Ltd. Since then, CSD's business promotion division had been devoted to marketing and sales & promotion for R.J. Reynolds exclusively. It soon began to undertake work from other companies as well as in area of marketing, product development, and communication planning and expanded its clients to almost 60 companies. It became the Marketing and Planning division, the origin of present company.
On April 1, 1988, the Marketing and Planning Division was divided from CSD due to further expansion of its business activities and independently established a new marketing consulting firm called BRAINS CSD. Co., Ltd.
BRAINS CSD Co., Ltd. provided a consulting service for new products/projects development and for expansion of existing businesses mainly on consumer products, durable consumer products, and services. It also started to provide business support and man-power development for companies in such field. It had been introducing many best seller/long seller products into the market.
In April 1998, on the 10th anniversary of its founding, BRAINS CSD Co., Ltd. introduced CI and changed its name to BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd., which has become the marketing consulting company.

Network and Alliance

BRAINS GATE Co.,Ltd. form domestic and overseas networks and on forward with strategic business alliances.


Business Domain Toward success of Enterprises' management, organization, personnel, projects and business activities, products and services, BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd. shares its long developed expertise and offers consulting, consultation and counseling services for clients based on its original marketing science and marketing management. In addition, we offer marketing, planning, organization development, personnel development, seminar, research, analysis, prediction, media development, system development, contract research and risk management, etc. Moreover, we set an annual theme and conduct voluntary research and study in order to maintain the most advanced in-house skills and expertise.